PHYSICAL THERAPY ASSOCIATES is a BBB Accredited Physical Therapist in Lubbock, TX

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Why choose Physical Therapy Associates?

Physical Therapy Associates is here to address your Orthopedic and Manual Physical Therapy needs. We employ fellowship-trained clinicians, and we are experts in orthopedics, sports rehabilitation and movement. Our goal is to achieve your optimal outcome through restoring normal movement patterns. We focus on rapid recovery treatments through specialized manual therapy and elimination of movement impairment syndromes. Our method expedites the patient’s recovery time and eliminates excessive Physical Therapy treatments.


Pain, where does it come from? Apart from a macro-trauma such as a rotator cuff tear, ankle sprain or car accident where do our painful joints and muscles come from? We experience aches and pains as a part of the normal aging process, but could it be that a simple movement dysfunction is the cause for a large percentage of musculoskeletal pain in the general population?

What do you mean by movement dysfunction? Movement dysfunction occurs when a joint moves poorly or excessively and the surrounding musculature is not capable of controlling the movement in the way it was designed to function. These poor, habitual movement patterns can cause repetitive micro-trauma to surrounding tissues which in turn may illicit the pain response.

Orthopedic rehabilitation is a movement-oriented science. At Physical Therapy Associates we specialize in treating the cause of the cause of the pain. We are experts in treating the underlying cause of your particular problem, not just treating symptoms. Whether it is simply recovering your ability to have optimal posture and daily function, or returning to more complex tasks such as wakeboarding or triathlons, our primary goal is to get you moving again. Not only do we get you moving again, we get you better faster!


Each Physical Therapy Associates client receives a customized, evidence-based treatment program for their specific goals and clinical presentation. This combination of science and personalization sets Physical Therapy Associates apart from the rest. No cookie cutters allowed!


Our treatment philosophy is a comprehensive approach that focuses on a full-body and past injury analysis. This approach considers the current complaint and any past injuries that have possibly contributed to the patient’s present condition. In some cases, a patient might have hip weakness as an underlying contributor to ankle pain. At Physical Therapy Associates, we screen for possible contributing factors to the patient’s pain and address them as a comprehensive body.


Our ultimate goal is to help expedite and optimize your return to activity. The treatment style of Physical Therapy Associates is to control pain, optimize movement, optimize function, and enable return at the highest level of performance! The manual therapy and comprehensive approach we offer gets you better faster!


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